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Porcelain Veneers


Veneers are thin ceramic coverings, which are placed over existing tooth structure to provide an enhanced appearance for one or more teeth.

Veneers are generally used for cosmetic purposes, to cover over teeth which are cracked or chipped, have gaps in between, are misaligned or worn down, or are stained from food and drink.

If you have one or more teeth which fit this description, you should come visit Dr. William Pippin to discuss potential veneer options to improve your smile’s appearance.

How the veneer process works

The process of professionally placing dental veneers at our Sevierville dental practice only requires two visits. At your first appointment, our dental team prepares (preps) your teeth for placement of the veneers. An impression is taken of the prepared teeth, which is then forwarded to a laboratory for creation of the actual veneer. In two weeks or less the veneer is ready for placement.

While the veneer is being fabricated, a temporary veneer will be provided to you. At your second visit the temporary set is replaced with your permanent veneers!

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What to expect with veneers

While your permanent veneers are being custom fabricated at our dental lab, you’ll have a temporary version, which can be used in the meantime. Because they are not as durable as your permanent set, a bit of caution should be exercised with eating and cleaning. Sticky or chewy foods should be avoided, because they can dislodge the veneer. The same is true when you’re flossing and brushing.

It is not unusual to feel some sensitivity from the temporary veneer. If the discomfort becomes significant, an over-the-counter analgesic should suffice. The same may be true following your permanent veneer has been placed, as your mouth adjusts to the new dental structure. Continue to exercise caution when eating and cleaning for a couple weeks or so. After that, your veneers will begin to feel like a natural part of your mouth.

If any mishap should occur, you Pippin Dental Care team is here to help. Call us immediately, and we’ll be happy to assist.


This is one of our newer offerings, and is intended to help patients seeking a total smile makeover, without having to undergo any kind of major dental work.

As its name suggests, the service consists of an entire new set of teeth, which simply snap in place over your existing teeth, to create a completely new smile – all in just two visits at Pippin Dental Care!

If your smile has been damaged by staining, chipping, or cracking, or if you have crooked or missing teeth, Snap-on-Smiles is a great option to consider. During your first visit, you’ll select the shade and style you want. We’ll then take an impression of your mouth to guarantee a perfect fit.

In about three weeks, your light, durable new set of teeth will be ready!

Everyone you know will be impressed with your dazzling new smile, and you’ll love how you feel with these new teeth in place. Cleaning is a breeze, because your Snap-on-Smile can be removed and treated with a cleaning solution we provide.

With proper maintenance, your new teeth will last between three and five years. Your renewed confidence will last a lifetime!

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