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Root Canal Therapy

An abscess can involve the loss of jaw bone if serious enough, so it is imperative that you see your Pippin Dental Care team before this occurs.

What is involved with a Root Canal procedure?

The first step in root canal therapy (rct) is to numb the affected area with a local anesthetic. The dentist then creates a small access point into the tooth’s root canal. All infected tissue is carefully removed, then the canal itself is cleaned and sanitized. Following this, a sealant is introduced into the cleaned area and, in most cases, a crown or other dental restoration is placed over the tooth to protect the cleaned-out area, as well as provide function and possibly aesthetics

What can be expected from Root Canal Therapy?

When rct is delivered by a skilled professional like Dr. William Pippin the success rate is in excess of 95%. Teeth that have undergone the procedure can be expected to last as long as untreated teeth. There may be some soreness in the immediate aftermath of rct and, to manage any remaining infection, antibiotics may be prescribed. Any discomfort can usually be managed effectively with over-the-counter medications. If your discomfort is more acute, our Sevierville, Tennessee dental care professionals can prescribe more powerful medication.

Why would follow-up treatment be needed?

In a very few number of cases, what is referred to as retreatment following rct may be indicated. One of the most common reasons for retreatment is that some canals were too narrow or curved to deal with in the first procedure, or a more complicated situation was not fully disclosed in the original analysis. If the crown is not applied relatively soon after the procedure, the work which was done becomes exposed to further infection, or other issues which may have been avoided. It’s also possible that a new situation has developed in the mouth, and additional treatment may be recommended. We’ll be sure to address fully all implications and expected outcomes at your consultation/examination.

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