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Dental Bonding


You can easily cover tooth imperfections that result from coffee and smoking, as well as other dental issues, using a dental procedure offered by Pippin Dental Care, known as bonding.

Bonding is used to cover slight imperfections of the teeth. Unsightly gaps and cracks can be covered with a special resin which blends in with your natural teeth to create a brighter, more attractive smile. Our dental team can even use the bonding technique to cover unsightly fillings (dental amalgam) that you may have received in the past to treat cavities. Dental bonding can also be used to easily cover discolored teeth and create a more radiant smile.

The Process

The bonding process uses a special composite resin, specifically designed to attach to your teeth and blend in with their natural coloring. First, Dr. Pippin will apply a special adhesive gel, then apply the resin on top of it to cover the tooth or teeth that need restoration. An LED light is used to cure and solidify the resin. In the last step, Dr. Pippin will smooth and polish your new restoration to make sure that it looks perfect. In some rare cases, the bonding process will include the use of anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Please let our dental team know if you have any dental anxiety that may make the procedure difficult from you, as our team has many options to help.

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Sometimes life and time can deal our teeth a blow that leaves them looking less than glowing. Bonding is an excellent option to cover dental imperfections and give you the bright radiant smile you deserve. a very durable restoration, and with proper care should serve you for more than ten years.

Put your best smile forward by taking advantage of this restorative dental procedure that renders dental imperfections invisible.

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