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Bridges & Dentures

Bridges and Dentures

The procedure that’s best for you will depend upon your specific circumstances. For instance, if several, or all teeth are missing, dentures may be the better approach. When only one or two teeth are missing from a given area of the mouth, a bridge may be the better way to address the issue.

After assessing your specific situation, our Sevierville dental professionals will recommend the best approach to address your particular dental issue.

What are dental bridges?

To create a bridge, your Pipping Dental Care team will place what are termed abutments on the teeth surrounding the missing tooth. Those teeth will also be reshaped to serve effectively as a bridge. An impression of this configuration is then taken and sent to our laboratory, where the actual bridge will be created and shaped for maximum fit and comfort.

Your bridge will ultimately be comprised of two crowns, to replace the original abutments, and a new tooth to replace the missing one.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a removable replacement (prosthetic) for missing teeth, which can be easily taken out of the mouth and put back in as desired. Full dentures replace all teeth in the mouth, whereas partial dentures are used for cases where only some of the teeth are missing.

When full dentures are chosen as the appropriate dental solution, Dr. William Pippin can handle the procedure in one of two ways. Either the full set of dentures can be placed immediately or, you can wait until your mouth heals before placing them. If dentures are implemented immediately, you won’t have to be without teeth for any length of time. There will, however, be a re-fitting necessary after the jawbone heals. If you wait for final placement, the jaw will have time to heal, thereby obviating the need for a refitting.

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