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Crowns in One Visit

The advent of the CEREC™device, utilizing dental CADCAM technology to create restorative dental devices, is indispensable when it comes to restoring and correcting decayed, cracked, and chipped teeth, often in as little as one day.

CEREC has revolutionized the dental profession by making the creation of many dental devices quick and efficient. What once took weeks to accomplish can now be completed in a single visit. CERECE eliminates the need to create messy and uncomfortable dental impressions, as well as the delay created by sending them to a dental lab for fabrication.

A patient may now, in a matter of minutes, visit the dental office and leave with a dental device suited to their needs and wishes.

That’s why Dr. William Pippin of Pippin Dental Care in Sevierville, Tennessee has invested in the training, equipment, and technology, to offer this revolutionary services to his patients.

How Does the CEREC Device Work?

Thanks to CEREC, the entire process of creating a dental restoration typically takes less than sixty minutes! First, the tooth or teeth are thoroughly cleaned by removing all plaque. A picture is taken of the natural tooth, and a three-dimensional image is rendered. The dentist uses the 3-D image of the tooth to design and create a restoration that will fit snugly over the original tooth. Once the design has been created, the CEREC machine produces the dental restoration in about fifteen minutes. The dentist then fits the restoration over the existing tooth.

The Pippin Dental Care team is pleased to offer CEREC to time-efficiently create and deliver a wide variety of dental restorations.

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