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Inlays and Onlays

If you have a smile that leaves you feeling less than confident, you are not alone. Many of us have struggled with cavities and other dental problems that left their mark on our teeth.

Fortunately, we don’t have to accept a smile that’s less than radiant. There are many ways to improve the appearance of one’s smile and overall dental health.

Dr. William Pippin of Pippin Dental Care knows how uncomfortable a less than perfect smile can make someone feel. That’s a big reason he and his team are dedicated to delivering solutions that restore a beautiful smile one can be excited to share with the world.


Crowns are often a necessity when a tooth has experienced significant damage, whether as a result of an injury, cavity, or some other dental issue. A crown usually fits over a tooth and looks natural, restoring the look of healthy teeth.

There are also instances when a full crown is not required, and a partial crown may be the better choice.

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Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are examples of partial crowns, which allow the dentist to use the original tooth as a base to build a more attractive, better-shaped tooth directly onto the existing tooth.

Inlays build on an existing tooth, and are created to protect and improve the shape of the tooth. An inlay is used in situations where a partial crown is required to fix a tooth that doesn’t have extensive damage. This type of partial crown can be applied directly to the tooth, and is used when the cusp of the tooth is still intact and healthy.

Our Sevierville-based dental practice has been restoring smiles for many years, and understands the positive impact that a partial crown can have on the health of a tooth, and your smile.

An onlay is a partial crown that is generally used on teeth with some deterioration or decay. The procedure involves removal of the deteriorated portion of the tooth or teeth. A mold of the tooth is created, then the dental onlay is fabricated from porcelain, composite resin, or gold. This process usually takes a few weeks. During this period, a temporary onlay is created for the tooth. Once the permanent onlay has been created, it can be fitted over your tooth or teeth and set with an adhesive.

Onlays are a natural looking and attractive alternative for natural teeth.

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