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Children’s Dentistry

Children who are introduced to healthy dental care and habits early in life are more likely to develop good oral hygiene practices, which will help them achieve and maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime.

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An Educational Environment

The American Dental Association recommends that children have their first dental visit by their first birthday. This is a good time to introduce your child to the dentist and let your Sevierville,Tennessee based dental team at Pippin Dental Care evaluate your child’s overall dental health.

We believe in offering education to, and being particularly gentle with, our young patients. Once we examine your child’s teeth, we then suggest a specific program to meet your child’s needs.

Preventative Measures

Children’s teeth benefit from preventative care, such as sealants, fluoride, and mouth guards.

Sealants coat the surface of the teeth to prevent cavities and damage from acids and plaque. Sealants are typically applied to the back molars, which are more vulnerable to cavities. The first set of molars comes in when a child is between 5 and 7 years old, with another set coming in when the child is 11 or older. To provide early protection, we recommend sealants when the first molars come in.

Fluoride is a proven and time-tested means to strengthen enamel when applied to teeth.

Mouth guards are for athletes who engage in contact sports, such as football, baseball, softball, wrestling and hockey. A child who participates in any sport where contact is a possibility should have a mouth guard to protect their teeth and jaw. Although you can purchase mouth guards at a sporting goods store, a custom mouth guard made by your dentist is more comfortable and will fit better.

Good Dental Care Is Vital for a Happy Child

Kids who don’t have healthy teeth may find it difficult to speak and eat. Proper dental care starts when they’re young, to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Make an appointment with Dr. William Pippin to get your child off to a good start with healthy teeth.

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