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If your jaw feels uneven when you bite, or you have loose or shifting teeth that do not align properly, you may benefit from what is called an occlusal adjustment at Pippin Dental Care. This procedure serves to distribute pressure evenly in your mouth.

Dr. William Pippin makes an occlusal adjustment using specialized equipment, including a custom removable mouth piece to protect tooth surfaces and ensure your comfort during therapy, and lasting results following.

Your Sevierville dentist uses a state of the art computer scan to identify areas where adjustments are indicated. It records hundreds of bites and shows exactly which adjustments to make for a perfectly aligned bite.

Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery removes gum pockets between teeth common with advanced gum disease. Because they provide a collection place for bacteria and plaque, such gaps can increase the likelihood of future oral health problems. The procedure removes gum pockets to restore your oral health and smile.


Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is a series of procedures that give our Sevierville dental team access to a tooth root for treatment.Dr. Pippin removes the damaged portion of the root, then thoroughly cleans and seals the opening in preparation for placement of a crown or other restoration.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal (gum) disease) can leave one or more pockets between the tooth and gums, which can be difficult to keep clean, and may allow harmful oral pathogens to enter the bloodstream. In such situations, periodontal therapy can help by eliminating this area where bacteria and plaque grow and accumulate. Shortly following the procedure, patients are able to brush and floss regularly.

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Bone Grafting

Sometimes, a patient who will benefit from a dental implant procedure has insufficient bone available to support the implant. In such cases, Dr. Pippin uses a small portion of bone from another suitable site, then transfers it to the treatment area to help ensure a favorable treatment outcome.


Your upper and lower lips attach to your gums with a frenulum. When it’s too thick or short, it can cause issues with alignment and speech. A shortened tongue frenulum on a baby can cause feeding issues.

A frenectomy can address these issues in as little as 15 minutes!

To ensure your baby’s comfort, we use a specialized laser. Lasers cause less bleeding and eliminates the need for sutures.

To further ensure comfort during the procedure, a gentle anesthesia is available.

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