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Impacted Teeth

Impacted Teeth

Most cases of impacted teeth involve the wisdom teeth (last molars) and the maxillary canines, also known as eye teeth.

Causes of Tooth Impaction

Teeth fail to properly erupt for a number of reasons. Wisdom tooth impaction is associated with limited jaw space. Teeth overcrowding may also result in tooth displacement from the growth socket, which ultimately results in an impacted tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Impaction

Not all instances of wisdom tooth impaction develop into a situation requiring treatment. However, impacted wisdom teeth can be a precursor to a host of dental problems.

Eliminating dental infection and severe discomfort are some of the issues that patients can look to Pippin Dental Care for treatment and resolution.

Dr. William Pippin of Sevierville, Tennessee advocates for close monitoring of an impacted wisdom tooth. Persistently symptomatic impacted wisdom teeth may require extraction.

Impacted Canines

Unlike the functionally redundant wisdom teeth, canine teeth take a central role in biting and chewing (mastication). They help guide the rest of the teeth into proper bite alignment.

Owing to their functional and aesthetic value, it is usually indicated to assist impacted canine teeth to erupt. Your dentist may perform a minor procedure to facilitate the proper settling of the canine into the gum. Use of a dental brace might be incorporated to guide the tooth into its proper position.

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Successful Treatment Hinges On Early Detection

A periodic dental visit will provide an opportunity for your dentist to identify early signs of canine impaction. Depending upon the complexity of the case, your dentist may choose to refer you to an orthodontist for specialized care.

If intervention is carried out during the early part of a child’s life, usually between the ages of 11 to 12, there is a high probability the impacted canine will erupt naturally on its own.

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