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Wisdom Teeth

In most cases, wisdom teeth erupt through the gums and, assuming there is sufficient space on the jaw, arrive without issue.

Arrival of wisdom can, however, be as unique as are the people to whom they belong: there are indeed cases where the process can pose a challenge.

When, for instance, there is insufficient space for teeth to emerge normally, or teeth come in at an abnormal angle, potentially serious issues can arise.

That’s where an experienced professional like Dr. William Pippin, founder of Pippin Dental Care, can prove indispensable.

When wisdom teeth become impacted, other teeth can also be adversely affected. Even the jaw itself may not be immune. In addition to being uncomfortable, impacted teeth can be difficult to keep clean, which can itself lead to a host of issues, including buildup of harmful bacteria.

When you visit your Sevierville dental team, a simple X-Ray will identify whether you have any issues with your emerging wisdom teeth, and whether it might be appropriate to have them removed.

Wisdom teeth: to keep or not to keep?

Removing wisdom teeth is typically reliable and uneventful. Nonetheless, care should be taken following the procedure to minimize discomfort and prevent complications. To protect the site, a gauze pad is put in place, and should be kept in position for about an hour. By that time, a clot will have formed. Try to avoid rinsing or drinking fluids so as not to disturb the site for a couple of hours. It’s also best not to be overly active on the day of your procedure to allow the extraction site time to heal. Over the counter medication can be taken as needed.

We encourage our patients to adhere to these simple guidelines to help ensure a non-eventful procedure, and minimal healing time. Doing so will ensure you get “back in the game” in no time!

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