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Our Technology

To increase the comfort level for our patients, as well as deliver the very finest treatment and results, we at Pippin Dental Care of Sevierville, Tennessee are proud to use only the latest dental and oral care technology in our work.

We always strive to save time for our patients, and to make you as comfortable as possible during your procedure.

Digital X-Ray

Because the images can be easily and immediately viewed by both patient and dentist,our Sevierville dental team uses only digital X-ray technology. Not only does digital X-ray provide a more detailed view of your teeth and surrounding structure, the radiation from a digital X-ray is only about 20% of the amount emitted by conventional X-ray, which is one more reason our patients appreciate our use of digital X-ray imaging.


The Panorex (short for panoramic X-ray) process offers a 360-degree view of your teeth, sinuses, head, and bones, all in just a few seconds. This provides us with imaging, which can help to identify infections, structural issues, or other problem areas in the mouth. Because it supplies a complete view of the head structure, more comprehensive diagnoses are possible, leading to more suitable, reliable, and appropriate treatment plans.

Intraoral Camera

This advanced camera has the capability to provide views of the interior of your mouth, and was impossible just a few years ago. Since the entire mouth can be seen and evaluated, we (and you!) have a better view of things going on inside your mouth. It also helps with earlier diagnosis, which can lead to less invasive and more affordable treatment. Intraoral camera images can also be used to provide necessary information to dental insurance carriers, making reimbursement for your dental procedure more likely.

Iluma Ultra Cone Beam CT Scanner

This is a kind of imaging technology which generates 3-D images of a patient’s jaw, and enhances the precision of any diagnosis to be made. Using this Scanner, Dr. William Pippin can, for example, accurately assess whether a sinus lift or a bone grafting procedure might be the better option for a patient. Thanks to our Cone Beam, other critical decisions are possible as well, saving time and money. Most important, better images mean better outcomes, which is why Dr. Pippin chose to invest in this revolutionary technology. See the difference for yourself. Make your appointment today!

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